Ze Doktah is IN!

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Ze Doktah is IN!

Post by Doktah Neo on Wed Mar 07, 2012 1:28 pm

So, a little about me, eh? Where to begin...

-In Champions I mostly play as my Medic character, PFC James Mckellops, but sometimes i switch to Accalia or PFC Adalric Barron. Also, I am an alt-aholic, so if I'm not on either of these three, I'm probably working on my latest creation.
-In addition, i do play Team Fortress 2 (mostly VSH) and Battlefield 3. Gamertag is Lulz.WPNFire108 and Neophite108, respectively.
-I prefer ze healing over ze hurting Smile

-Age 19 (May 1992)
-I enjoy creating novels in my head, mostly sci-fi, and one of these days should start typing them up
-Went through boot camp (who knew you could be too light for the Army? >_> )
-Will be studying Virtual Modeling and Design at UAT

Ending Notes:
-I don't have a profile pic as of yet, as my drawing skills are meh and I lack a way to upload to the comp. So it's an eventuality.
Doktah Neo

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Re: Ze Doktah is IN!

Post by Tymek on Wed Mar 07, 2012 6:56 pm

Well, let me say welcome to you. I haven't been on here all that long but I might have a few pearls of wisdom to share. Either that or just some brain fart that might look like pearl. Who knows.

Always good to know who the healers are when one is going into harm's way. I myself have a few alts, who doesn't. But I for one tend to treat each as there own person, and not just as different aspects of myself. Also I wouldn't mind trying out a healer character myself, but I dont know when that might be.

Only one other thing I have to say for now. Your profile pic. You could asways do what I did and just do a screen shot for CO.

Again, welcome. Be seeing you in game. Very Happy

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Re: Ze Doktah is IN!

Post by Arkas on Sun Mar 11, 2012 3:26 am

WOOOO! Glad to finally see you here! And awesomeness. Hope you enjoy it, bout time you joined, have fun, all that good stuff. You'll know where to look for random stuff, cuz you've only been in Beasties for like, forever, lol. Anyway. Stuff and things.

Your mind. My games. Let the havoc begin.
The Dread Lord

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Re: Ze Doktah is IN!

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