June 8th Patch Notes

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June 8th Patch Notes

Post by Nehmetawy on Fri Jun 08, 2012 4:10 am

Release Notes: June 8, 2012

Power Armor Archetype: The Invincible
Who said you need superpowers to be a superhero? Using the latest in cutting-edge technology, your suit of armor offers near-invincible levels of protection while remaining light and flexible enough for maneuverability. Your suit is equipped with the latest in damage dealing technology. It is even capable of using multiple powers at once, allowing you to deal massive area of effect damage.

Role: Tank
You are built to take damage and are good at grabbing your foes attention in combat, but you generate less Energy than other roles.
Powered Armor, Future Soldier, Genius Industrialist, Billionaire Scientist, Discovered Alien Technology

New Power Armor Powers:

Power Armor: Power Bolts: New ranged energy builder.
Power Armor: Tactical Missiles: New Hand Slot ranged blast power.
Power Armor: Plasma Beam: New Hand Slot ranged maintained cylinder power. Untargeted.
Power Armor: Fire All Weapons: New close maintained cone power. 120 degree cone and 10 targets max.
Power Armor: Reconstruction Circuits: New Chest Slot toggle self heal power.
Power Armor: Overdrive: New Power Armor energy unlock.
Power Armor: Laser Edge: New laser sword energy builder.
Power Armor: Lightwave Slash: New laser sword cone power.
Power Armor: Lightspeed Dash: New laser sword lunge power.
Power Armor: Plasma Cutter: New laser sword single target power.

Power Armor Power Updates:

Chest Beam: Point Blank Blast: Maximum damage buff increased from +40% to +50%.
Concussor Beam: Will no longer repel targets who are farther than 45ft away.
Concussor Beam: Targeting Arc increased to 120 degrees.
Energy Shield: Phalanx Defense System: New advantage. Using Power Armor Slot (Chest, Hand, or Shoulder) attacks will activate a small defensive buff for a few seconds.
Energy Wave: Reverse Polarity: New advantage. Causes this power to Knock toward you instead of away from
Eye Beam: Energy cost increased to ~15 (~10 per tick).
Eye Beam: Damage increased by ~78%.
Eye Beam: Now ticks every 0.5 seconds instead of every 1 second.
Eye Beam: Targeting Arc increased to 120 degrees.
Laser Sword: This power is now a Combo power.
Laser Sword: Now applies Plasma Burn on its third attack.
Micro Munitions: Now has a small energy cost to activate.
Micro Munitions: Energy cost per tick increased by ~8.
Micro Munitions: Damage increased by ~35%.
Micro Munitions: Max periods increased from 4 to 6.
Micro Munitions: Targeting Arc increased to 120 degrees.
Micro Munitions: Radius increased from 10ft to 15ft.
Micro Munitions: Alpha Strike: Reworked damage scaling on number of targets hit. Previously, a single target would take 140% damage and 5 targets would take 28% damage. Now, a single target will take 140% damage and 5 targets will take 100% damage.
Mini Gun: Radius reduced from 4ft to 2ft.
Mini Gun: Damage no longer scales on number of targets.
Mini Gun: Cost slightly increased.
Mini Gun: Damage increased by ~16%
Mini Gun: Targeting Arc increased to 120 degrees.
Minigun: Infrared Guidance System: New advantage. Increases radius to 5 feet. Costs 1 point.
Shoulder Launcher: Targeting Arc increased to 120 degrees.

General Power Changes:

Power Armor: Cost penalty for using multiple Power Armor powers simultaneously reduced to 10% from 15%.
Bestial Supernatrual: Aspect of the Bestial: Now has the Giant Growth advantage.
Personal Force Field: This power now benefits from half strength bonus from Shield Strength Modifiers.

You could probably easily view them on the main website, but Nehm thinks they have a good place here.


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