Friend Pictures or Art

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Friend Pictures or Art

Post by Tsyro on Mon Sep 10, 2012 8:25 am

Greetings ^^

Well some might ask hu? Friend Pictures or Art?
What the ... he mean with dat?

Well i just thought if someone drew something for a friend or if someone took picture in CO which he want to share of him and his friend or friends he just can do it here ^^
Its nothin more, kinda like just to share your pictures with your friends Very Happy

So i just begin i think ^^

This picture is for my friend Sabur, its funny how we get away from each other for really such stupid reasons but then we get friends again and mostly its nice to hang out with him ^^ i think im not the onliest one who likes to hang out with sabur or to do stuff with him

Seems like I sprayed him with a bit too much draysha ... hehe you know all those accidents may happen
But i think its a funny and a cool picture so hope you enjoy it as well as i do ^^

Thats it ^^

Tsyro / Rasio Cool


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