Trick or Treat?

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Trick or Treat?

Post by Tsyro on Sun Oct 28, 2012 11:58 am

Hellow everyone!

As you all might know Halloween will be at the 31th of october.
Its diffrent to each country for example in USA u do Trick or Treat but we here in Germany we just have partys and wearin costumes Smile
But doesnt mean all of us can have together nice Halloween right?

When will this event be?

So far it will be hold at the second day of november. The server time will be written in the event tab of our SG but as well there will be mail send to all of you with the server time!

What will happen there?

Well we will have few events together, but the most important is that we all have fun together.

Trick or Treat? (Hide and Seek)

Since it is Halloween of course we will have a Trick or Treat.
But it will be something like Hide and Seek just a bit diffrent. The rules will be explained at the day.

Costum Contest

I dont have to explain why we hold a Costum Contest at Halloween eh? ^^
Well it will be public Costum Contest as well to represent our SG to outside.
But those who like to be judge there, just shall send me tell or a mail.


If u all wish to have duels at this day we sure can do it ^^
just well there not many who want to duel Sabur ... hm i ask myself why ..

Thats it so far ^^
I wish u all a happy Halloween and a nice Bloodmoon time in Champions Online.
We will see us all hopefull at the second of november.
For any questions just pm me in steam or write me mail in Champions Online.

Greetings Tsyro / Rasio Cool


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