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Statement 2013

Post by mrkirby0063 on Wed Jan 02, 2013 10:02 pm

Triumvirate, a Word from the Latin root triumviratus, a word used to decribe a political regime dominated by three powerful individuals. While not a word I'd solely use to describe the leadership of the Eternal Pack, it is what the Leadership is for our fair Super Group.

We have three leaders, each willing and able to assist you whether you have issues within the game or in real life that you just need a friend to talk to. I know that some of the older members from another Super Group tend to favorite one of our noble leaders and as such favoritisim as cause a big rift within our fair pack.

We have three leaders, my fellow pack members. I reiterate this fact because its becoming a disfavorable trend to ignore the other two and come to the one you like with your problems. Now, I've come to understand that the company they keep tend to "intimidate" you. I'm not going to sugar coat it. I've heard a lot of reason why you simply don't talk with the other two leaders. I find it disgusting. They work hard to keep the peace and stability around this Super Group and every time I log in, I find it more and more digusting that our pack tend to ignore them and disregard their presence unless they need something. Yes, our leaders, all of them are here to help us and guide us in our time of need, but they are also individuals too that deserve recognition beyond what you all been giving them.

I'm not saying all this to cause trouble. I am just a humble member of the pack, but I also know that our leaders are too kind and considerate to outright say the things I've said. Its this kindness, I feel, that a lot of you took for granted.

For clarification sake, I'm going to acknowledge the and give them the honor they deserve.

Marshall may seem like stern and stoic individual, but he enjoys talking with our members, and having fun. He, like the other two leads, want to start doing events, and want to spend more time with our members.

Sabur, what can I say about this guy that won't sound like worship? Hes done a lot of grunt work for the Pack and hes always around to give a helping hand. Hes really easy to talk to, and always want to lend a ear to our members.

Wind Song has always been kind and considerate torwards our members, and always willing to sit down and chat with you all to listen to your concerns.

At the time composing this, they all would love to hear your concerns and listen to your issues.

Hell, that kindness doesn't just stop there. We are the Eternal Pack. La Familia. Every member you see active is always willing to help and listen to your needs if you give them the time of day. I'm sure that each and everyone of you have the capacity to feel about the Pack outside of wants and needs. What I'm trying to say is, The Eternal Pack is more than a group of people. It has been each Lead's personal goal to make this more like a family that could help each other out with the good and the bad. I, myself, may have shown my furry ass in negative ways before but I would sell my soul to keep the feelings I have for the Pack right now.

So, heres what we can do:

1: Greet each other when one of us logs in, even if you're usually silent or even busy, just take 1-2 minutes to acknowledge our fellow pack members. Make a game out of it, and count how many members we actually have.

2: Feel free to talk with any of the Leads beside your favorite. I promise you, you'll be surprised at the results.

3: Feel free to talk to any of the officers, as they are here to help you out.

4: Also feel free to talk to any of your fellow members. Hell make it a habit to try to get to know other members you usually don't talk to. Ask them their likes, and dislikes.

While I have your attention though, I'd address another issue right quick.

Everyone wants to do events, but events can't be done if you don't make an effort on your part to show interest. We'd love to do Events and other fun stuff, but we need you, our members, to show interest in doing these things. Not just running them, but also participating as well. When we do them as a whole and not just individuals, the more entertaining they will be.

IF you have an event you wish to do, leave a message on the forums!

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