The Great war: From Gods to slaves

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The Great war: From Gods to slaves

Post by The Vengence Dragon on Tue Aug 16, 2011 4:57 am

Before the universe we are in now existed there was a white plane of clouds and light, the air smelled of sweets and cinnimon. In this plane of existance there were massive cities constructed out of metalic matterials from hevanic bronze to angelic gold. In these beautiful cities winged people known to mortals as angels lived in peace and harmony. They don't really have halos or glowing golden auras but they all had no imperfections in their looks.

This was a paradise... until Kumagie and I were born, when we were born we didn't look like the rest of the angels. We were born with horns, skin that didn't have a single pigment, and glowing red eyes instead of glowing blue eyes. At first the angels thought of us as a gift from the creators. They dressed Kumagie and I in royal robes and we would be paraided around like kings. Infact we even met the child who would soon become The Kudla *Angel king.* When we met him he bowed to us, I was suprised, I never thought that The Kudla even a young one would bow down to anyone. During this time we lived within Hevena, but it's also known as the golden gate city. This city was covered in angelic gold, buildings, statues, and even the roads were gold. Every building had it's own unique design and where my brother and I lived was a massive golden palace that was made for The Kudla himself.

We thought our lives were set in society, we were rich, powerful and all knowing sence they tought us all of their angelic lore. But as all things do, our greatness came to an end when more of my kind were born. The angels begain to question what was going on. At first they treated every child born like us as a god like us, but soon enough our numbers grew, from hundreds to thousands. The angels soon realized that we were their "replacements" and were afraid that we would take all of the power they had and turn them into slaves. So in order to stop that from happening they begain kidnaping my kin and throwing them into work camps to mine for the matalic matterial they build their cities with. I watched in horror as my fellow kin were dragged out of their homes and their parents shot with arrows. The spots on wich those poor souls died was stained red forever more. Soon they came to our home, and I remember every thing they said.

"Goodevening, I'm sorry to bother you madam but we need to take your children for a fun camp where they can socalize with others of their kind." Said the officer.

"What do you mean "of their kind?" They are angels just like us, they were just born different." Said my mother.

"Well in that regard we still need them for that camp, just sign here." Said the officer.

My mother took the document and read it outload,"This is a contract for the eyes of the "Demonic children" only, your son/daughter is a curse to our kind and must be isolated from the rest of society in little socal camps for a limited time. We will not abuse them or force them to work in anyway. We just want to watch them for a while, you can have your children back once our watch is over."

After reading the document she begain to tear up and bit on her lip, being more mature than the others we understood why she was crying. Kumagie walked up to our mother and hugged her, I soon followed. She rubbed on Kumagie's head then mine and kissed each of us on the forehead.

"Mother do it, I don't want to see them do to you what they did to the others." Whispered Kumagie.

I stayed silent and just continued to hug her, she looked at the officer with rage and tore the document in half.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Yelled the officer.

"I'm doing what's right, these are my sons not yours, they deserve to live and grow up as angels, not as these "demonic children" you can go back to The Kdula and tell him that!" Said my mother.

The officer put his hand on his head and sighed then said "I really hoped that you would be different, but it seems like we have no choice."

The officer snaped his fingers and five arrows flew into the house and hit my mother, she coughed up blood and fell to the ground, Kumagie was inraged. With tears flying out of his face he turned to the officer and with all of his might punched his chest, his hand came out of the other side. Once Kumagie pulled his hand out of the officers chest the officer fell to the ground and we watched in satisfaction as the life slowly sliped away and his eyes that were glowing green turned into a dull gray.

But our victory was short because soon five officers tackled us and dragged us outside of our home they threw us into the back of a angel transport which had two beautiful white horse like creatures towing it. They too were prsioners of a fate that couldn't be changed. As we went along more demons where thrown into the transport. All of them destrasght in one way or another, one was crying non-stop, another was cut deeply and was slowly bleeding to death. Another lost their mind and everyone else remained silent because they were eather betrayed by their parents, or watched them die.

We were in the transport for what seemed like days, knowing that we were going to be in it for while I decided to speek up.

"Excuse me, do you guys mind if we converse?" I asked.

"Umm, my.... name's Rufa, what's yours?" Said one of the boys.

"Just call me D." I said.

Kumagie looked away from me for a moment and turned his attention to the girl who was bleeding. He got up and put his hand over her wound, she was scared at first but Kumagie smiled and begain talking to her.

"Now how did such a pretty girl get a nasty cut like this?" Said Kumagie.

"An officer cut my arm with his sword and then stabbed the same arm." Said the girl.

"Why did..... he do that" Said Kumagie while grinding his teeth.

"I wanted to stay with my mother and father, but they didn't want me anymore." The girl said while tearing up.

"What is your name?" Asked Kumagie trying to change the subject.

"Junlalia, what is yours?" Jun said with a smile.

"Mine's Kumagie." Said Kumgagie.

Everyone gasped and backed away from him, for everyone knew that our names, and that we were the first demons. Rufa backed away from me as well. The only person who didn't react was Jun, infact she smiled.

"It's nice to see the first demon in person." She said with a smile.

"It's nice to talk to another demon." Kumagie said.

I turned to Rufa and smiled, then I said "Don't worry I don't bite, you don't have to be formal with me, just call me D. like I said."

Rufa looked at me and said "Wouldn't that be insulting?"

"Not at all, where we're going I highly doubt my name will matter." I said.

"Where are we going?" Asked a boy.

"We're going to a socal camp." I said.

"Officers woudn't kill our parents or make them sign contracts giving them full rights to take us away as long as they want if it were just a socal camp." Said Kumagie.

"What's that suppose to mean... are we going somewhere else!" Said a girl with panic in her voice.

"No we're going to a socal camp, and you should SHUT UP!" I said.

"Why mask them from the truth, do you think it will save them from their fate!" Said Kumagie.

"No but it prolongs their suffering!" I said.

"Look at Jun, why would they stab her if all she wanted to do was stay with her parents! Put one and one togeather, the angels have had enough of us. They believe us to be a curse, remember the note they gave mother, or did your incompidance get in the way of hearing what she said." Said Kumagie.

"Kumagie go back to healing Jun before she dies!" I said.

"I will, because I'm helping her, unlike you in telling them lies!" Said Kumagie as he went back to healing Jun's arm.

"'s going to happen to us?!" Said the girl from before.

"Now that my brother's basicly told you all that they were lies I'll tell you the truth... I don't know what they will do to us but I know that it won't be good." I said.

"Is there anything we could do?" Asked a boy.

"No, all we could do is hope that we survive." I said before moving into a corner and going to sleep.

When I woke up we were at our destination, I sat up and looked at the faces of the other demons, the girl who was in a panic was breathing heavly and crying. Jun was holding Kumagie's hand, our faces all turned blue, Rufa closed his eyes and was saying something to himself. The smell of death and metal was unbarible, nothing like the sweet smells of the cities. The officers opened the door and threw us out of the car one by one, I was first sience I was closest to the door, My face hit the hard red ground and as I looked up I saw a metal that I had never seen before, it was a dark red metal that will haunt me for the rest of my life.
To be continued...

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Re: The Great war: From Gods to slaves

Post by Thorn on Thu Oct 06, 2011 7:32 am

Idk why no one has commented this before! Its great Ven ^^ Im sorry for not putting a comment last time i read it.

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