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Post by Sunny on Fri Sep 16, 2011 11:31 pm

Edit: On lurking around, I found a goodbyes section. Silly me, I should have lurked first! Not sure if theres a way to get this moved, but if there is, would be great. Wink

Boy, do I ever miss y'all. Sad I've been poofed for a rather long time, and I've said nothing, so I assume its only right I type up a big ol' letter to ya, or anyone who has noticed. I'm sure someone did. Cool

Anyways, hoping all is well server-side, in the game and such..! Just passing on an entire thread, because I want to tell all of y'all how awesome I think you all are, and so I can (hopefully!) say hey to some peeps in game who I can't talk to any other way! 👅

I've been dragged around the country by my folks, and since I'm not a legal adult, I have no option but to let them grab me by the ear and pull me around with them. But hey, I got to milk some milking cows recently, so I can't complain. ;D (Almost getting kicked into that 'pit' behind them where they do the do wasn't too enjoyable though. 🤡 )

Anyhow, the reason for my disappearance, is what I mentioned above, and also that my gold member status is kaput. I'll be going for a part time job shortly though, so I'll be soon able to rejoin all of ya kicking some butt in CO... Or getting my butt kicked, either works.

On a sidenote, the second season of my favorite show comes out tomorrow.
Any fans? Wink

Hoping you all the best, and wishing you plenty of awesome new members! ;D
- Sunny

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Re: Heyo!

Post by Thrash on Mon Jan 07, 2013 8:19 pm

SUNNY!!!! Very Happy its praetorian from way back when or if you dont remember him its embrace@drtax my new favorite character on champs is Thrash, becuase thrash is thrashin, anyways im glad your still around!!!!!!!!!! \../ ^_^ \../ the metal face

Also im sure you dont have enough time to jump on games and thats completely understandable if thats the case im just glad you havent forgotten us!!! Mabye if you have time you could come hang with us again but no pressure as always Smile

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